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PSDSP software zip 22 MB Software running for PSDSP amplifiers
Digital Speaker software zip 16 MB Software running for PS266 controller
 1. I have a Forty 4012MH model speaker. Which amplifier should I use to drive it in the best way?
 2. I have a Forty 4012MH model speaker. How many subwoofers do I need to use to have perfect reinforcement on the low and ultra-low frequencies?
 3. What type of connection do the Peecker Sound power amplifiers have?
 4. If I decide to buy a self-powered speaker of the Forty series and the related active subwoofer, how do I connect them?
 5. Which configuration should be used for simultaneous sound reinforcement for a 20-square metre stage and an audience seating area of a medium-large venue (capacity up to 200) in which live music is played (jazz, R&B, etc.)?
 6. How do you amplify a system made up of PSUT1 speakers and PSUTS subwoofers?
 7. I am a qualified acoustic technician: does the JA12 comply with the laws on acoustic pollution (in Italy No. 447)?
 8. I have a 50-60 square metre dance floor: which Double Array speaker should I use?
 9. When should I choose the AS180?
 10. What does the DP60/120 processor consist of, and how is it connected?
 11. Is software available for the Peecker Sound amplifiers?
 12. Can the audio parameters be modified without the aid of a PC?
 13. To achieve the right level, is it better to adjust the LIM or the GAIN control?
 14. Can the outputs of the PS series amplifiers be connected in bridge configuration?
 15. Which components are fitted on the Peecker Sound speakers?
 16. Where can I listen to Peecker Sound audio systems?
 What is the availability of the products for shipping and what are the conditions of payment?
 18. Who is the Peecker Sound distributor in my area?
 19. How is the Peecker Sound brand positioned compared to the competition in the professional audio segment?
 20. How can I get the general catalogue and/or price list?
Trouble Shooting
Problem: I connected a Peecker Sound passive speaker and it doesn't work. Find the solution
Problem: I connected a Peecker Sound active speaker and it doesn't work. Find the solution
Problem: In the PSUT8AE or PSUT8TE speaker, four of the loudspeakers are not working (half of the column is not producing sound). Find the solution
Problem: I use the JA12 with a generic amplifier and only six speakers are working (half of the dodecahedron). Find the solution
Problem: The protection LED stays on and the amplifier doesn't work. Find the solution
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