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The company
The Strategic Business Unit
Peecker Sound was established in 1977 as the leading brand of the then up-and-coming and ambitious Sound Corporation (founded some years earlier in 1968) to serve what is currently called “fixed installations and club sound”, that is to say [...]
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Research and design strategy
The design philosophy behind the production of every new product at Peecker Sound's Research and Development Department is rooted in over thirty years of acoustic analysis, testing and continuous innovation.

The best way to summarize the approach is to [...]
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Lean Manufacturing
Peecker Sound has applied the canons of Lean Manufacturing to its production strategies for many years now. This philosophy and method for introducing innovation in manufacturing processes was conceived and perfected by large Japanese companies starting in the mid-20th century. Under [...]
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Peecker Sound was created in 1977 as natural evolution of the future Sound Corporation group in response to the booming market of professional audio systems for large indoor dancing venues. It rapidly became the iconic brand name of the legendary high-power [...]
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Peecker milestones
“How the Market was won”
To get an overview of the dawning of the professional audio market and an insight into the boom in dance clubs experienced in Italy in the early seventies, we decided to interview the President of the Sound Corporation group, Gianni Toschi. [...]
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